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2013年9月1日 星期日

SEND Teaching English 教英文

Give a gift and meet a need. Speaking English is a gift that many missionaries bring with them. In almost every country where SEND missionaries work, English is a highly desired commodity. A good grasp of English often opens doors to higher education and better paid  jobs.                                                                                                  Go Prepared.There are various levels of English teaching. University level and teacher training programs generally require a TESOL degree or TESOL certification.English teaching as part of church plnating team or evangelsitic outreach may not require a degree, but TESOL training is very helpful. Teaching informal English camps can be done by almost anyone who is a native speaker of English.                                                                                                   Know the Goal. Remember that English is not the end goal. Neighbors and contacts who might never be interested in spiritual discussions will come to English class. Relationships become personal friendships. Conversations will go deep very quickly as you and your students explore the meaning of words and language. English opens doors for the gospel and missionaries get to walk through those doors. http://www.send.org/partner/global-worker-initiative/



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