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2013年9月30日 星期一

SEND Romania 羅馬尼亞

羅馬尼亞   www.send.org/romania                                                                                              SEND works in Romania has begun not a long time ago. Missionaries will partner with another mission organization and romanian church planters to establish churches in the south. The team is in need of more missionaries who are called to church planting, able to work with a diverse team, and committed to learning the language and adapting to the culture. After the fall of communism, Romania experienced a spiritual revival. The work of local churches and foreign missionaries doubled the number of evangelical churches in one decade.But most of those churches were in the north and the south remains virtually unreached. Southern believers, though small in number, are committed to spreading the gospel and have asked SEND for help.



Choosing the Right Focus to Serve in the Kingdom

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